Better Remmina Resolution under Xubuntu Linux

Submitted by charm on Thu, 03/18/2021 - 10:12
My remote desktop session using Remmina at 1920x1080

Remmina's maximum resolution can be adjusted under Xubuntu Linux

Remmina, a popular program used to RDP into Windows systems from Xubuntu (and other flavours of) Linux, has a default maximum resolution of 1400x1050. For years I just assumed I was stuck at this maximum resolution until I looked a little closer. It's possible to add your own resolution sizes to Remmina, and it's as simple as a few mouse and keyboard clicks.

Changing the resolution for each remote session

When you create a new RDP connection in Remmina the resolution automatically set by Remmina is Use initial window size. There are two other selections also available: Use client resolution and Custom. I like to increase the resolution to the maximum for my monitors, 1920 x 1080. To adjust the resolution choose the Custom option, then click the ellipsis  to the right of the Custom option. A new Resolutions window appears. Click the + symbol to add a resolution. A dialog appears at the bottom of the Resolutions window where you can type the resolution you want (of course your monitor and video card have to be capable of doing the resolution).

Adding a new resolution setting to Remmina
Remmina, making the 1920x1080 resolution available.

When clicking + I expected a dialog box asking each of the horizontal and vertical resolutions separately. Instead Remmina just lets you type the resolution directly. It feels a bit weird to put x between the resolution, but that's exactly what works. If you're unsure what resolution you're running at in Xubuntu type the word Display into the whisker menu and select the Display program when it appears. A new window will open letting you see and adjust your monitor resolution.

The display program used to set monitor settings on Xubuntu
My Display settings for my dual monitors under Xubuntu 20.04

Typing the word Resolution into the whisker menu actually doesn't show the Display program (where you can change the resolution). This is something the Xubuntu devs should consider fixing if possible as it would make it that bit easier for people to adopt Xubuntu.

Remmina is a wonderful program for RDPing into Windows systems from your Xubuntu Linux machine. Unfortunately it doesn't autodetect your current settings. Adjusting Remmina is easy, you just have to know how easy it is to adjust.