Installing and running Diablo III on Xubuntu 20.04 (with dual monitors)

Installing and running Diablo III on Xubuntu 20.04 (with dual monitors)

Diablo III running on the right (dual screen) monitor under Xubuntu 20.04 Linux

Diablo III on Xubuntu 20.04 Linux brief overview

It works, not as good as it does on Windows 10, but it's very playable with some changes. I had to make some changes for to increase performance, but this might not be as much of a factor if you have a better video card.

Diablo III client running on Xubuntu 20.04 Linux

My System Specifications

Intel XEON E5-1650 v1 CPU (6 cores, 12 threads) @ 3.80GHz
Atermiter X79 Turbo motherboard (LGA 2011 motherboard manufacturer and sold from China)
16GB DDR3 1333MHz ECC RAM (running in dual channel, but the motherboard is capable of running in quad channel)
Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Tu BOOST (2GB) video card (Using nvidia-driver-proprietary-450)
500GB Samsung SSD 860
Xubuntu 20.04

Installing Diablo III on Xubuntu 20.04

First install the dependencies for

sudo apt install libgnutls30:i386 libldap-2.4-2:i386 libgpg-error0:i386 libsqlite3-0:i386

Second install dxvk:

sudo apt install dxvk

Third install Lutris. Installing Lutris involves adding the PPA, visit and follow the instructions (which currently are):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lutris-team/lutris sudo apt update sudo apt install lutris

Finally, install Diablo III by visiting the Lutris Diablo III page and clicking on the Install button beside the Wine DXVK version: At the end of the install you'll have to log into your account and click the button to install Diablo III. The installation is quite large (over 16GB at this moment) so be prepared to wait if you don't have a fast Internet connection, and make sure you have lots of space on your hard drive.

Performance Issues

I tried Diablo III while it was "Playable" but not completely downloaded. Performance was poor, although it showed 60FPS I'm pretty sure it dipped below 30FPS as I was having some issues with my monk (which tends to be a pretty fast class in the game). Waiting until the game completely finished downloading helped, but the experience still wasn't as good as it was on Windows 10. In my particular case I believe a better video card, such as an AMD Radeon RX580 might have let me run the game on all high settings, but I don't have this (or a better video card to confirm this). While my video card, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX650Ti Boost is more than meets the minimum specifications on Windows 10, I believe the Radeon RX580 is much better supported on Linux and might let me max all the settings. By default almost all the settings were on High.

Diablo III video options settings I used with my NVidia GTX650Ti Boost under Xubuntu Linux

To fix the performance issues I changed the following Diablo III settings:

  • Texture Quality: Low
  • Shadow Quality: Medium
  • Physics: Low
  • Clutter Density: Medium
  • Anti-Aliasing: None
  • Low FX: (checked)

My game was set to Fullscreen 1920x1080x60 (16:9 Widescreen). With these changes I got between 80 - 100+ FPS while running a Greater Rift in Diablo III.

Running a Diablo III Greater Rift 50 at 84fps on Xubuntu Linux

Dual Monitor Issue

Another issue I had was Diablo was showing up on the monitor on my right-hand side. The main monitor I use is on the left side, so this felt a little awkward. The fix was to open up the Xubuntu Display Settings (type Display into the whisker menu) and make sure the monitor on the left was set as the Primary Display (it wasn't). I also needed to close Diablo III and restart it (in Lutris).

Xubuntu Display Settings, set primary monitor to fix Diablo III running on the wrong monitor


If you're running an older CPU+RAM+Video Card combination Diablo III might not run well, even with the changes I mentioned above. While my processor, the E5-1650, is an older processor, it still runs at 3.8GHz (I doubt Diablo III takes advantage of the 6 cores and 12 threads, but someone is welcome to correct me if I'm wrong). I'm also running on a decent Solid State Drive (SSD), performance might be even worse on a plain old hard drive.

Why run Diablo III on Xubuntu Linux?

Some might be asking what the point of running Diablo III on Xubuntu Linux is? The short answer is to see if I could get it working to the point the game was playable (it is in my opinion, I don't have a problem playing it with the settings above, for me it's more about the game play). The long answer is that as a Computer Refurbisher we're looking at supporting Xubuntu Linux much more than we have in the past. Trying things people might want to do on Xubntu is part of this support.

Diablo III running correctly on my left monitor under Xubuntu 20.04 Linux