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Submitted by charm on Fri, 04/02/2021 - 14:50
Binder of DVD and Blu-rays

Media Library Redux

I've been collecting movies on DVD and Blu-ray for many years. Years before I started this collection I amassed a little over 400 VHS movies (which I donated to a small local video shop that I'm happy to say is still in business today). If memory serves me correctly I was pretty happy with this VHS collection for awhile, despite the fact that DVDs had come out several years before. There was no reason at that point for me to move to DVD since the televisions I owned were not great quality. There was another factor that kept me from collecting DVDs, for about a year I recorded the television movies I wanted using a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) I made using an old PC, a Hauppauge PVR150 Analog TV tuner card, and MythDora - a Fedora-Linux based distribution that made it easy to set up the MythTV PVR software.

Then the world went digital and my analog TV tuner card was not good for that purpose anymore. At the time there wasn't a lot written about how to deal with the digital signal the provider now used. So I started collecting DVDs, followed eventually (about a year after the Blu-ray/HD-DVD war ended) by Blu-rays.

When I first started collecting DVDs I was happy just to have them on file. I used a command line utility called transcode to make avi files. As technology evolved I discovered new tools. I cannot remember all the tools I used over the years to rip DVDs, but up until a few days ago my media collection consisted of many different formats with varying quality and features. Part of this evolution also involved my knowledge of what could be included with media files.

Knowing what I know now I decided it was time for a media library refresh, so I backed up my non-media files, and wiped my 8TB media drive clean. I've started the slow process of re-ripping each DVD and Blu-ray.

KODI running on our TV
KODI running on our old TV with a few titles re-added

Mucho media & mucho time

Excluding television shows my collection consists of something around 1300 DVDs/Blu-rays. Ripped at normal handbrake settings each DVD only takes around 4 to 8 minutes to encode on my 6 core 12 thread E5-1650 CPU. So I decided to rip at the Super HQ 1080p30 Surround setting. If I was just shovelling in DVDs this would take a long time, however, I've lengthened that time even more by adding a lot more meta data to each file. Before I rip a DVD in Handbrake I'm adding all audio files, all subtitles, the chapter names for each chapter of the movie (which is the longest part of the manual process) and tags to include the DVD title, actors, director, release date, genre, and plot.

I use KODI to manage and play media once it's ripped. I've kept all my DVDs and Blu-rays because I knew that eventually I would get to this point where I wanted better quality video with more meta data.

I'll post a longer post about how I'm ripping my media and how I'm filling out details, like the chapter titles, soon.